7 Wedding Trends Every 2019 Bride Groom Should Know About
Looking out for something interesting and fresh that will bring your celebration to the next level? Here, the planners and experts are spotting new wedding trends that are rising in the year ahead. The trend-led wedding is popping up in 2019 that is sure to be super hot and forefront of fashion from food to flowers to colors to attire to makeup and reception décor.    

Shades of Purple:   

Impressing the audience with purple-pinkish tones throughout the space making overall look amazing.    

Bringing Outdoors In:

The perfect shades of green with full of leafy bunches, florals of lavenders, white roses will set the mood of guests saying ‘simply beautiful’.  

Destination Wedding:

Couples are planning for a unique destination like Udaipur, Jodhpur, The Backwaters of Kerala, Goa that is perfectly pretty with the breezy, romantic and natural beauty of attraction. Event management industry helps to add different services to wedding packages to give couples a wider range of options. Sophisticated style, jewel-toned lightening, and metallic bright colors will take you to the world of best-themed wedding sets. Udaipur- The city of Lakes is the famous and most rated popular wedding destination. It is the first choice for the big industrialists, celebrities and people all over the world.

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Mix and Match Attire:

Brides and grooms can enhance their look by opting for natural shimmery makeup; colors like plum and burgundy are leading the way in making out a lovely matchy-matchy Bride-Groom.  

Cake Trends:

Cakes with fondant designs or flowers dressed in caramel make it so delicious! The trending pick along with fondant cakes are fruit pies!  

Small Plates:

Share a truly unique experience with your guests by making small plates of seasonal and local flavours of food appetizers and drinks. The gourmet coffee stands along with traditional pieces will make tablespace rich in design.  

Drones and Photography:

Capture the entire wedding ceremonies with a drone, the aerial or exposed shots offers perspective photography and layering of images will make your day memorable.   2019 will be the year full of glittery wed ceremonies. Get ready for the rich and royal touch of the party with trendy wed-locks.