Cost Of A Royal Wedding In Rajasthan
Wedding is one of the biggest days in one’s life and most of us have our own perfect wedding in our head. For us, Indians, weddings are all about bling and grandeur and we try to make it as royal as it can be. While we have incorporated our own modern elements to our weddings, we still like it big, fat and beautiful. Rajasthan, the royal capital of India, is known for its forts, royal culture and heritage and grand lifestyle of the kings that ruled the country. While most of these forts have been converted into heritage resorts and hotels, they still have that sense of style and touch of royalty to itself. While planning a royal wedding can be dreamy, it can also be heavy on the pocket. As budget is an important factor when it comes to marriages, here are a few things that you can consider:
  1. Venue: Rajasthan offers a plethora of scenic palatial locations- in the middle of the lake, besides the lake, on top of a hill or ones with huge grounds. If you hire a Destination wedding planner in Udaipur, make sure to check the inclusions of the packages. Most of these well-known palatial locations only offer their venue, guest management services, meals and standard décor. They do not offer rooms for guests in the package. In most cases, it is supposed to be separately charged. The combined charge comes down to anything between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000 per head.
As an alternate to this, you can also find 5-star hotels, which do not really have the original palaces as their residence but have built the hotel with traditional fort-like architectural elements. These offer complete hospitality services and you might also find a few with a lake view. These hotels charge anything between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 per head.
  1. Props and Décor: Wedding planners in Udaipur, Rajasthan, are well aware of the traditions of the state. If you would love to reflect that in your wedding, ask them to scrounge the local markets for interesting props and elements. Wedding Decoration is an important aspect of a grand wedding and everything should be on point. You can use traditional marigold and rose flowers for decoration. Other than that, you can include designer bells, matkis, elephants and peacock props, chandeliers, candles and other items. These props, if bought smartly from local markets, can cost anything between Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 per piece. You can also get them on rent.
Floral decorations, mandap, lighting, drapes and technical equipment can cost you anything between Rs. 7 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh. If you are looking for exotic designing, the price may go up to Rs. 20 lakh to Rs. 30 lakh.

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  1. Music, Photographer, Procession and Make-up artists: While these may look ancillary, a wedding is not complete without them. You will need a good DJ to which your cousins and friends can dance on. Other than that, photographers and their technical equipment like drones can also cost a bomb. Procession or Baraat may include elephants, chariots, singers, dancers, horses, torch bearers and what not. All of these come with an additional cost. You can choose to bring the make up artist to your location or go to the salon to get ready.we provide best photography and videography service for your wedding.
All of these combined can cost you anything between Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh.
  1. Special Performances: If you are looking to splurge even more, you can hire an Event management company in Udaipur and opt for special performances by local singers and dancers. You may also opt for celebrity performances but that may come at an exorbitant price, depending on the celebrity you choose to invite.
The price will depend on the dance group, singers or celebrities you invite. You can expect it to be anything from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 20 lakhs. Weddings in India are a gala affair. Check your budget and plan accordingly. Other than that, eat, drink, chat and be merry!