Skills That You Can Learn From WEDDING TREND 2018
Wedding season has started and wedding trends are changed now in society. Everybody wants their wedding to reflect their unique individuality. Latest trends are moving forward to help clients to achieve a stylish look but not in over budget. Now people are getting more attracted towards Destination wedding and therefore they are looking for a Destination wedding planner. Planning a wedding in the budget is the most special thing about the latest wedding trends. Wedding planner in Udaipur is always ready to adopt the latest trends and serve you with the best. Colours, floral trends, decoration, food, wedding attires, Theme of the wedding are the most selective trends which had changed now and coming out in a more beautiful way.   So now let’s have a look at the selected trends of a wedding in 2018:  


Colours used at the wedding venue, in the dance theme or at the other functions are now getting bold. Brides are deviating themselves to the strong colours.

Creative Dance Floors

Somewhere I saw a printed message on the dance floor at the sangeet ceremony. Music is the most essential thing if an Indian wedding. These unique dance floors add a pop up to your decoration ideas.

Floral Decoration

Wedding couple now prefers more authentic quality in décor. Flowers are in trends again. Fresh flowers are taking over the other options for decorations. Handmade designs in decoration are a neoteric way of decoration in 2018. Balloons can be a wow factor in your decoration. Read More: The 6 Best Things about Wedding in India


Multiple course meals in small plates are in fashion now. Guests have more chance to enjoy when they get more options on a smaller scale. Must consider experimenting with the sweet dessert in a new style.

 A Destination For The Wedding

A destination wedding is a topmost priority for anybody now either it is royal or not. This type of wedding has a fixed budget and guests. It saves so many things together like time and money. Couples wanting to explore more about the destinations for their wedding therefor they hire a Destination Wedding planner to get the best options.

Attractive photo booths

Now live photography is not limited to the wedding couple only. Wedding planner arranges a beautiful photo booth at the wedding venue and interesting photo sessions with all the guests for social media sharing n all are trending now.

Wedding Attires according to the Theme

Every destination wedding prefers a particular theme now in 2018. All are well settled according to the theme only. Wedding attire for the groom, bride and all the guests also matches with this. These are the top selective trends from the list in 2018. Enjoy the wedding season.